With a powerhouse voice that weaves effortlessly through any melody, Annora is an artist from Saskatchewan with ten years of song-writing experience. Inspired by the landscape during her travels across Canada and the world, Annora writes about her successes, failures and lessons learned along the way. Compared to musicians like Norah Jones and Maggie Rogers, Annora has a sound all her own blending her training in classical piano, vocal jazz, and exposure to country music growing up on the prairies. 

An experienced performer, Annora has played in Saskatchewan, Quebec, British Columbia, and England (all places she has called home). Her largest audience to date is over 3 million, taking the stage as Miss World Canada in the Miss World 2014 pageant. After returning home from her time as Miss World Canada, Annora released her first single, “When My Time Comes” - an anthem for pursuing your dreams, rising to challenges, and believing in your ability to accomplish anything.  

In August 2020 Annora released her first full length album, The Ocean. Each of The Ocean’s eight tracks takes the listener on a journey painted with vivid detail. Listening to the album, terrains take shape, emotions come to the surface, and Annora’s stories comes to life. In the music video accompanying End Comes, the album’s single, Annora’s inspiration becomes clear as she battles with the realizations of climate change and her place in a changing world.